“You said it and you delivered it. Your strategies gave us $5 on every $1 we invested in your fees over our 12-month engagement"

Are you ready to take your business to “the next level” of sales and profits? Let T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. show you how. Since 1991, our successful sales growth consulting firm has been putting businesses, both large and small, on the path to maximum results.

Will your current sales strategies carry your business aggressively into the future? Our consulting methodology enables you to make your sales management a lot less “art” and more “science,” turning ideas and assumptions into measurable results. Our consultants consistently identify and create sales processes, pipelines, procedures, and practices that are tangible, repeatable, and scalable. Although we work with all types of businesses, we specialize in high-ticket, complex sales environments in technology and telcom industries. We strive to always provide our clients a minimum of 5:1 (500%) return in value on our fees within 12 months. Think of us as your “upside assurance” as you focus on “the next level” of sales and profit growth.

On every engagement, we strive to provide you with 3 Distinguishing Deliverables:

1. A very clear measurement—up front and in dollars—of the value you should receive from our services in exchange for our fees. We will not proceed on a project until you have participated with us in calculating that. Our goal in this area is to deliver a value meeting or exceeding a 5:1 (500%) return on our fees within 12 months.

2. Documents of our findings, recommendations, strategies and results in plain everyday language.

3. Whenever possible, we actively seek to provide you with new prospects and clients from our own network.




T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a licensed distributor of the SOS™ methodology.
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