Thank you, T.K. ... you've got keen insight into today's business challenges.

Area Vice President, Ingram Micro



 You are amazing!  You are helping my focus .... actually you are helping me articulate to the sales team what is rattling around in 'only' my brain!"

CEO, Vistage Company in Chicago

Our President, T.K. Kieran, delivers strong, eye-opening, highly interactive sessions with high take-away value for CEOs, Strategic Account Executives and Channel Sales Executives around the world.

Sample engagements in CEO, CIO & Sales Venues:

CEO Venues:

Microsoft Corporation and SBS, a Microsoft Gold Partner located

in New Jersey, have selected Kieran to facilitate several invitation-only CEO Forums (Spring-Summer, 2008).

Vistage International, the World’s Leading CEO Organization,

routinely calls on T.K. Kieran, one of the organization's most requested speakers, to deliver multiple programs for their member CEOs:

  • In the fall of 2005, at the Vistage International Leader’s Conference in Washington, DC, Kieran spoke to CEOs from around the world between keynote sessions provided by Michael Milken; Oren Harari, author of “Breaking from the Pack: How to Compete in a Copycat Economy; and Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of “Freakonomics”.
  • In 2006-2007, as Vistage celebrated its 50th Anniversary, Kieran was one of only a handful of speakers selected to deliver workshops to 800 CEOs during a Regional Leaders Conference held in these four cities:  Irvine, CA; Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; and Atlanta, GA.
  • 2008 begins Kieran's fourth year of providing CEO workshops for U.S. Vistage members since 2004.

TEC Canada

  • Kieran has been invited to speak to in March of 2008 to CEOs in Vancouver, BC by TEC Canada, a sister organization of Vistage International.

TEC Florida

  • Kieran has been chosen several times to speak to CEOs in Florida who belong to TEC Florida, a sister organization of Vistage International, and is scheduled to return for several engagements there in 2008.

Business Incubators

  • After hearing Kieran speak at a NBIA (National Association of Business Incubators), the head of a UK incubator booked Kieran to address a city-wide conference held for CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs held in conjunction with the incubator's launch.
  • NBIA members and guests have lauded Kieran's speaking abilities at numerous of their conventions and conferences.

Technology Summits - CEO

  • For the last 2 of the 3 years of their existence (2006 and 2007), a large Fortune 800 Technology firm's Channel Sales Division booked Kieran to provide high-value, CEO-level workshops at their annual Partner Summit in Las Vegas, where such well-known speakers as Lou Holtz and Sugar Ray Leonard headlined the main session.

Technology Summits - CIO

  • In 2007, Kieran was engaged by a private technology client to design, develop and facilitate an invitation-only Technology Executive Forum CIOs and CSOs in the Dallas, TX area.  Participating firms included a division of a Fortune 30 firm, Neiman-Marcus, several Texas hospitals, and other corporations.


Telecom Sales Conference

  • In 2007, Kieran was chosen by the US President of this telecom firm to motivate and instruct top sales reps at their annual North American Sales kickoff.

Technology Sales Conferences:

  • Beginning in 2005, this North American Channel Sales Division has exclusively turned to Kieran to provide strategy, training and advanced market penetration techniques to their Channel Sales, Engineers and top-tier Partners.

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• “Doing Business in the Bull’s-Eye™: Defining Profitable Customer Patterns.”
•“Cracking the Buyer’s Code™: Learning to Identify the Order Creation Cycle™.”
• “Shoot-Out in the OK Corral: Choosing Hired Guns Who Can Hit the Target™.”
• “Revenue Projections and Other Myths™: Where’s the Pipeline You Can ‘Take to the Bank?’




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