Case Study #1
Problem: While in the middle of negotiating a forecasted $30 million contract, this billion-dollar global firm was faced with a transition in one of its key account teams. They needed to transition information and relationships, yet still close the deal on time.

Solution: T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. conducted a daylong strategic coaching session with the client’s team, utilizing their existing planning and opportunity management sales methodology as a foundation for the session.

Results: Armed with the confidence and specific tactics from the strategic coaching session, the new account team:
1. Shifted the talks from price negotiation to cost of the prospect’s pain, and therefore, value of the solution
2. Closed the proposed $30 million deal at $40 million – adding another $10 million in services for an increase of 33%.
3. Gained client commitment 30 days earlier than anticipated.

Case Study #2

Problem: A well-established, successful technology services firm was experiencing stagnant sales.

Solution: Using T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc.’s Sales Growth Assessment™, the firm identified the factors that were hindering their sales growth. From this, a customized strategic sales growth plan was put into place, and re-enforced with regular sales coaching sessions.

Results: Within one year, the firm experienced these successes as a result:
• Strong Incremental Sales Growth
• 5:1 ROI on our fees
• Larger, more profitable clients.



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