Founded in 1991, T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a sales growth consulting firm that partners with corporate executives wanting to take their company “to the next level” of sales, profit and income growth.

With a special focus on privately held companies selling in the high-ticket, complex, business-to-business sales arena, our client list spans many industries, including technology, biotechnology, telecommunications, utilities, retail, food service, publishing, insurance, banking, wealth advisory services, staffing, health and beauty aids and executive education.

Our clients value our proprietary "Sales Optimization Assessment", which objectively assesses over 100 factors affecting a company’s growth rate, and is the beginning point for all our consultative engagements. Using findings from this assessment, we can objectively determine a company's (or sales team's) growth rate - or challenges which are blocking growth - to show company leaders the cause-and-effect dynamics which have led to current results, then create custom sales and marketing strategies designed to scale performance and take results truly "to the next level".. Clients who engage our firm are guaranteed a 5:1 Sales ROI, usually experience average results of 10:1, with several clients having achieved a 20:1.

With a strong pool of proprietary, custom and licensed programs, and a deep bench of experience with clients in over 20 industries and multiple countries, our consultants don't get surprised.  Whatever your need, we're prepared to analyze your objective data, interview key players, and deliver highly customize programs designed to achieve triple-digit increases in sales, profits and/or income.

I appreciate your interest in our firm, and invite you to start a conversation with us.

T.K. Kieran,




T.K. KIERAN & ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a licensed distributor of the SOS™ methodology.
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